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The Paranormal Investigations course will guide you through a series of modules to help you become a serious Paranormal Investigator. With over 25 years of experience, the course will take you on a journey from equipment usage to investigation procedures that we have learned. By the end of the course, you should have an excellent working knowledge of conducting investigations.

This course will not make you an expert in the field of Paranormal Investigations nor will it certify you as one, but it will give you a good start on becoming an excellent investigator. There are no true experts in this field since it is not recognized as a true science. We are basically all experts since there are no right or wrong ways to investigate, instead, we adopt protocols, which you will find throughout these lessons. For the most part, this is a technical craft where most of the knowledge will be self-taught and learned as you go along.

If you’re going to be successful you’ll need to study and understand the theories and methods of ghost hunting, the sciences behind those theories and learn how to apply them in the field. You will need to practice using the tools of the trade, and most importantly, you will have to learn to develop a keen guiding instinct.

Most ghost hunters already believe in ghosts. However, the theories regarding what ghosts are can vary greatly from one person to another. The toughest part is learning how to go into ghost hunts thinking and acting like a skeptic. It’s your duty to be open-minded and examine all of the facts for any logical explanations. The word open-minded does not mean solely believing in the existence of ghosts and not excepting any other hypotheses. Instead, it refers to analyzing every option that could account for the phenomena. It is important to stress the use of scientific methods because, without it, you will prove nothing.

You must be fair, rational and always searching for a logical explanation. Your job is to uncover the absolute truth, no matter what that truth may be. There are thousands of ghost hunters, but only a handful of good ghost hunters.

About the Course Setup

This course is broken down into modules with each module containing several lessons, assignments, and a short quiz. After you have successfully completed all the modules, you will be eligible to take the Final Exam. If you score 80% or higher on the Final Exam, you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion.

Take your time and read through each lesson before attempting each quiz and the final exam. You have three chances to pass each module quiz, and three chances to pass the final exam. Good luck and happy investigating!

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32,600336 Hours80%
  • A desktop, laptop, or mobile device to take the course on.
  • Time to concentrate and read through all of the lessons.
  • Printer to print out your Certificate of Completion.